Yahel Herzog, Director of Photography

Yahel Herzog, Director of Photography

eMail: yahel.herzog@gmail.com   cellular: +1.917.991.8723

Open Windows Productions, Inc.


It was my curiosity at thirteen years of age, wondering what it was my father was so occupied with, that made me look inside his camera bag. The metal object with turning glass elements was heavy and meant business. Father was happy to show me how to operate his pride and joy and I took it and turned it into a life journey.

My passion with still photography led to film and television studies, followed by work as an assistant to some wonderful cinematographers and Gaffers who were happy to share their priceless knowledge.

Today, two decades later, I proudly combine two disciplines - the quest to witness and bring to light human struggles and conquers on the documentary side, and the joy of breaking down and creating fascinating narrative story lines with scripted material and commercial work. Light and shadow as well as detailed frame design will always fascinate me and be my main tools, but even more important - I will always aim to feel and deliver the essence of a scene, not only capture it.

The following pages have samples of my work, a resume and contact information.

I have several camera & light packages and have immediate access to many rental houses in the NYC area to accommodate additional formats per need.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your next project.

Thank you,

Yahel Herzog